Fab Lab Athens Space

Athens Fab Lab official

Fab Lab Athens Space

Fab Lab Athens counts with a big lab space open to professionals, students and researchers.
The Lab is open once every 2 weeks to the public seeking for offering access to the Fab Lab equipment and knowledge to all people interested.

Fab Lab Athens has the following equipment:

  1. 3d Printer Dimension SST 1200es / ABS
  2. 3d Printer Spectrum z510 ZCorp / Πούδρα
  3. Eurolazer XS – 610 / Lazer cutter
  4. Zund M-800 / 80 cm
  5. 3d scanners
  6. CNC Router YL1590
  7. CNC Hot wire machine
  8. CNC ISEL FLATCOM (1.25X1.04 m)

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