DataTree is a project developed by Areti Markopoulou and Tomas Diez in the Fab Academy 2011 in Fab Lab Barcelona.

This Fab Academy project was created for implementation at Can Valldaura, the site of the future Green Fab Lab, located in Collserola Park just outside of Barcelona.
The project features artificial fruit that cling to trees containing sensors that monitor moisture, light, and temperature as well as smoke detectors. The fruit sends data wirelessly, via a radio frequency antenna, to a data processing apparatus at the Can Valldaura house. From here the data is uploaded and processed in Pachube which gives a real-time visualization of the environmental conditions around each tree in relation to time and position.
This test data can be found on the Green Fab Lab website.

To follow the Data Tree project exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, click HERE

More information about the entire production process can be found here.
This is open source project. All information from the project (files, materials, programming codes, circuit sensor boards) can be found and downloaded here.